919 Energies International Limited

Respect The Planet


A Word From The Director

Paolo Marzola

THE SUN is an inexhaustible source of energy and our clean alternative.

Paolo Marzola, the Director of 919, has had an important past in companies in the food sector and interfaces with many and important companies that slaughter animal breed animals for slaughter. 

 After years spent dealing with slaughtering, he has chosen to give an ethical change to his career and to devote himself to renewable energy, in particular to the production of electricity through solar (photovoltaic) sources, applied to commercial plants.

Given the characteristics that are developing in agrovoltaics today more than ever, I believe that pursuing energy saving and the use of renewable energy means building an important model of  the Green Economy, starting from the raw materials that is the land and livestock, and arriving at a broader and more circular business model, part of a philosophy of life, aimed at safeguarding the environment and the planet, which is understood as a common good.

Reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources of energy and trying to use all the knowledge that evolves daily as well as spreading the awareness that everyone, in their own small way, can contribute to a better future: this is the goal of 919.

We use an Italian manufacturer of photovoltaic modules that makes high quality panels also creating work for many people in the area by making a further circular and green economy but above all creating wealth for the same.

The global demand for energy will continue to increase in the coming decades and if we waste further time in the realization of important and well-structured and efficient plants, Italy will not be competitive in the future finding ourselves among the last in Europe. Our energy bills and be out of competition in many sectors.

This is why we are committed, together with you, to positively changing the future and therefore to lay the foundations for our next generations for a better coexistence of energy development and nature.