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WHY 919

Why is the company called 919 Energies International Limited?

My father was born [1919]. He always taught me to respect the environment and to learn from Nature, and above all, to let the Planet itself be my inspiration.

As I learned these lessons and understood their value, I myself wanted to transmit these values ​​ to my son, teaching him everything I had learned from my father and the things I picked up myself.

My son was born in 1991, and as you can see, re-positioning the numbers, we get 1919, the same year of my father’s birth. Coincidence? Who knows?

In this moment, we are all experiencing health and economic challenges, and we feel the need for rebirth, for fundamental changes in the way we view our roles as guests of the Planet. Renewable Energy is a huge step in the that direction, a sort of re-dimensioning, and the desire to discover sustainable new forms of renewable energy and the progressive reduction of CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases.

919 Energies International Limited, feels obliged to participate in this revolution and to contribute to the development and advancement of the technologic solutions in place today, while focusing on research and development with an eye on the future, aimed at improving and making our planet more efficient, with a New Green Economy.

The commitment of 919 Energies to contribute to the Green Deal is to start initially, at the local level, improving the economic condition of isolated and depressed territories, making them efficient and at the forefront in terms of Green Energy Production and Social Development resulting from the economic contributions this new approach to energy production has on these depressed areas.

This is why 919 Energies International Limited wants to link the past to the present while focusing with interest on the future … handing down the teachings of my father from generation to generation, with the aim of safeguarding and respecting and preserving the environment. In other words …

Respect The planet